Dodge Challenger Offers Performance Unlike Any Other

Drivers interested in power, looks, and great performance often choose the Dodge Challenger, a popular muscle car. The new Dodge Challengers at i.g. Burton Smyrna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram offers everything drivers want in a muscle car, including great accelerations, stunning speed, and sleek style, and it’s offered in several different models.

The Dodge Challenger’s speed and performance come as a result of the 6-speed TREMEC® manual transmission and 6.4L or 6.2l Hemi V8 engine. Whether it’s high horsepower or tons of torque you need, you will not be disappointed with the Challenger. Features like calibrated cruise control, electronic stability control and electric power steering all do their part in making the Challenger a one-of-a-kind muscle and high-performance car.

Sometimes you have to see and actually drive a car to understand its capabilities and awesome features. Such is the case with the Dodge Challenger, so come to Smyrna and take this beast out for a test drive.

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