Where Will Your Ram ProMaster Take You?

We here at i.g. Burton Smyrna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Smyrna, DE understand what it means to find a cargo van that you can depend on. You need the right set of features, design, and durability to get the job done. Every member of our team can help you find that right combination, and today we're excited to present this popular cargo van.

The Ram ProMaster is designed to be modular. The front and rear fascia are made of modular panels that can be easily removed when a panel needs to be replaced. These panels are made of thermoplastic composites that are designed to be durable.

Other components such as the headlamps and taillamps are built higher up on the Ram ProMaster. These lights are located higher up on the van to keep them away from impact levels and work with the side panels to help prevent denting.

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