Getting the Most from the Chrysler 300

If you like technology, you will love the Chrysler 300, which is a popular vehicle and likely available at i.g. Burton Smyrna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. This vehicle has the ability to turn into a 4G LTE connected hotspot, which means that you can connect multiple devices while on the go.

It can be ideal for those who are taking a road trip to Smyrna with the kids or want to stay in touch while tailgating. It can also be perfect for those who want to use their device without using any expensive data in the process. Another great feature on the Chrysler 300 is Android Auto.

This feature allows you to make calls, send text messages and perform other tasks without having to use your hands. It also allows you to multitask without taking your eyes off of the road. Android Auto can also stream music or give directions to your destination.

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