A Recap of the Ram 3500's Cabin

The new Ram 3500 is a remarkable beast of a vehicle. This popular, heavy-duty pickup has garnered plenty of accolades throughout the years. Consumers can expect a wide range of benefits after purchasing this truck, which starts in the vehicle's cabin.

The cabin of the new Ram 3500 is extremely open and airy by all means. Legroom and shoulder space are in abundance as well as premium leather seats. The seats are constructed from 100 percent leather. The Ram 3500's cabin offers a center console that can fit a laptop. Of course, this addition was done on purpose to help in accommodating your personal devices. Wireless charging is built-in for your smartphones, and there are multiple USB ports for connecting other devices. The options are nearly endless. Other interior features are conveniently located controls as well as a touchscreen display.

The new Ram 3500 can be viewed in our showroom, and we may throw in a free test drive.

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