Today's Ram 1500 continues the model's high standard for toughness. If you need a durable pickup for light-duty tasks and recreation, we have the impressive 1500 in our inventory at i.g Burton of Smyrna Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

A modern Ram 1500 comes with a body that is 98% high-strength steel. Beneath the outer layer of steel, a computer-designed structure enhances the vehicle's payload capacity. As a result, you can place 2,300-pound loads in your light-duty pickup's bed. When you haul loads, you'll feel confident about the bed's ability to battle scratches and other troubles. Ram sprays an advanced liner onto the bed's floor and walls.

Additionally, you can place the manufacturer's patented RamBox Cargo Management System along your Ram 1500's bed. Each RamBox efficiently uses the space above your 1500's rear wheels, turning the tops of your sidewalls into concealed toolboxes. Fill your RamBoxes with your go-to tools and use them whenever necessary. You'll trust your new Ram 1500 for several years.

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